From concept to product in just 6 weeks

6 weeks
SaaP Marketplace
Responsive Web
Boston US

The founders of short-mid term housing platform ResidentStreet are veteran serial entrepreneurs currently running a successful online e-bike brand called Evelo. You might be hard pressed to find a relationship between short term housing and e-bikes, but what sparked the idea for both concepts was the discovery of an opportunity.

Much like there was a right time and place to start Evelo, ResidentStreet's founders capitalized on new rules put in place by their native city of Boston. Those require Airbnb hosts to register as a short-term rental operator with the city. The approval process is slow and ResidentStreet aims to fill a gap by introducing a platform allowing users to easily rent out properties for a period between one and 12 months.

Two factors were crucial in the development of ResidentStreet: time and design. In order to catch the perfect wave, the platform needed to go live within a few weeks. As a customer facing platform, it had to immediately convey trust with a unique and custom design and branding. The goal was to appeal both to people in search of a home as well as people looking for a platform to rent out their home.

With the time constraints, the need for custom design and the target audience of this project in mind, we decided to focus fully on a great front-end experience coupled with a functional and easy to use admin back-end to manage listings and leads.

This project is the first using our unique Figma to Bubble workflow. We have developed a process where our designer can work freely and with limited constraints in design tool Figma while we import those design elements directly and with a single click into Bubble. This is a true game changer in Bubble design and development as it allows us to work faster and get a better end result. Beautiful custom design in Bubble is now simpler than ever.

ResidentStreet took just 6 weeks to design, develop and launch and allowed the company to jump on an opportunity in a local market. The plans to expand into New York and beyond in 2020 are already being drafted.

"We interviewed half a dozen firms and ended up working with Ideable on Working with them was a gamechanger for us - they became a true partner in the project, providing feedback, insight and guidance throughout the entire process. The end result is exactly what we were looking for - and done on the budget and on time."
Boris Mordkovich
Founder, ResidentStreet
Boston US