Taking on the competition at a fraction of the budget

8 weeks
Real Estate & Lending Marketing Platform
Responsive Web
Louisville US

HelloEquity is a startup in the highly competitive real estate & lending marketing industry. With decades of experience in real estate, HelloEquity's founders saw an opportunity in combining third party data with self-generated data within a single platform. It enables HelloEquity's users reach out to millions of homeowners with a highly customized and personalized product.

Real Estate and Lending professionals use HelloEquity to send automated reports to homeowners with personalized information about their home value, euity, mortgages, and sales trends of comparable properties in their area. These reports help homeowners make better decisions on selling and buying property.

The web application is custom designed in Figma and built on the openBase Bubble template. One of the biggest challenges for this application was implementing all the various user flows into the application.

Real Estate and Lender Users can sign up through the website, can be invited by the platform owners and can invite other real estate and lender professionals through their own affiliate link or by connecting to other users on the platform.

Homeowners are either added one by one or through bulk import by real estate professionals as contacts and sent an invitation. Alternatively, each real estate and lending professional has their own lead page to share publicly through which homeowners can register for their personal home report.

HelloEquity needed help combining real time data from millions of properties in the United States with up to date mortgage information and interest rates. We helped them not only aggregate that data but generate new data which adds real value to the company.

At Ideable* we specialize in integrating third party services into a single application. Combining data from various external sources can power a completely new business. Want to know how we can help you get more out of your data? Let's talk!

"The team at Ideable was incredibly professional. They took the time and care required to deep dive into our product requirements and to understand the problem we were solving and the market we were serving. In the end they delivered a highly functional, beautifully designed product within budget and on time. They truly went above and beyond. We will be continuing with our relationship with Ideable into the foreseeable future as we launch our product into the market and shape it toward true product market fit."
Ryan White
Co-Founder, HelloEquity
Louisville US