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4 months
Consultancy as a Service
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GB Innovation are international experts in the field of Research Development & Innovation (RD&I) consultancy. They support their clients in the management of their research and innovation processes, risk and compliance and help them benefit from their investments.

To facilitate a growing number of clients, offer a consistent user experience and provide additional value, they required a digital transformation. More specifically, they needed a project management system to allow their clients to digitize, manage and partially automate their RD&I process.

During intensive workshop sessions, we gained a thorough understanding of the business processes and translated a requirements specification into a detailed implementation scope.

As GBInnovation wanted to move quickly, we developed a minimum viable product to enable them to validate part of their productized service with real clients and to gather valuable user feedback.

Meanwhile the significantly more complex phase II was was in the conceptualization and development phase.

The end result is a suite of productized services streamlining RD&I project management, documentation, and audit trail for their clients through a single interface.

The system is optimized for audits, features a secure and encrypted document repository, and gives GB Innovation and their clients meaningful insights into RD&I efforts.

"Ideable have partnered with us to bring our early stage concept to a digital product. Their ability to grasp and contextualise complex ideas, define business processes, and translate these into a comprehensive & user friendly web application, has allowed our business to drive forward in its development. Ideable have been flexible, quick and available at hand at the right times for us at GB Innovation"
Gerry Byrne
Managing Director, GB Innovation
Dublin 🇮🇪