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Golbey Law is a business law firm specialized in real estate, trademarkts & IP and helping startups and tech companies with everything legal. They also provide last wills and estates.

Wills are complex and can be daunting to people. It is also not fun to think about the people you leave behind after you pass away. So getting people to create a will isn't an easy task but a problem Golbey Law was keen on tackling.

Golbey wanted to make the process of creating a will easier and somehow more fun. By automating the process, creating wills for people would also become more cost-effective. The system also had to be setup to allow for different types of forms in the future.

We had to tackle two problems: Create a system that helps in automating the creation of a will, taking in all the different variables and conditions like spouse or no spouse, kids or no kids, gifts to register and much more.

Second: make the entire process smooth, understandable and above all, fun.

We created Dearly. A kiosk-style form generator to allow for hyperfocus on a single question. Since most of these questions are very complex, additional helper information was required. Presenting one question at a time allows for a focused experience with the benefit of having screen real estate to add more dynamic details per question.

Creating a will is now cheaper, faster and a lot more fun to do.

"My company used Ideable to rapidly create and deploy a fully functional web app to test a new way to penetrate our market. The team was quick to respond and brainstorm solutions. They are a great resource for any fast moving business.”
Justin Levine
Lawyer, Golbey Law
Vancouver 🇨🇦