Building a Recruitment Hub

3 months
Connected CRM / Hub CRM
Responsive Web
Lyon 🇫🇷

DigiRocks is a French recruitment agency specialised in headhunting talent for Digital jobs. They use multiple external software solutions, ranging from interview scheduling, candidate and project management to accounting.

To work more efficiently, facilitate growth and create a more inclusive experience for their clients and candidates, DigiRocks needed their own platform to connect everything.

Our solution is a platform integrating everything into three connected interfaces : a client portal, a candidate portal, and the overarching recruiter’s project management system.

Integrated with all third-party services, digiRocks Matching acts as a hub handling the entire recruitment process, from deal creation to job promotion and candidate matching from a single interface.

The platform enables consultants to make data-driven decisions that result in better matches between their clients and candidates. As the number of matches grows, the platform becomes more accurate at suggesting possible matches leading to more effective consultants and happier clients.

"Ideable has been great in challenging our ideas. They helped us look at things with a fresh perspective allowing us to create a great application that brings value to the end user."
Benoit de Montecler
COO, digiRocks
Lyon 🇫🇷